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More Little Known Facts

Last week, I spent some time listing little known facts about "Miss Cate" to my piano families. I received a lot of great response from that post, so I thought I would use this week's post to include another round of lesser known facts about me. 1. I met Yogi Berra one Thanksgiving morning. My family was taking a walk one Thanksgiving morning and happened to walk down the street that Yogi Berra lived. He had rented out a Handsome Cab for a day for his family to enjoy, and he was standing outside to make sure the rides were going smoothly. We spent a moment talking to him and delivering Happy Thanksgiving wishes to him. 2. I took harp lessons in college. I spent one semester in college learni

Little Known Facts

In writing a blog post for this week, my husband suggested that I write a "better know a teacher" post, in which I share a few items about myself that no piano family would ever know about me at this point in time. His thought behind this process is to help my piano families get to know me in a better way, outside of being an out-going, precise teacher. Of course, given the fact that I am both a chatterbox and oversharer, this is now proving to be a more difficult exercise than I think either of us thought! So here goes. Five little known facts about Miss Cate: 1. I watch NASCAR and love it. I cheered on Dale Jr. from 2001 to his retirement in 2017. Now I cheer on Ryan Blaney in the #12 car.

Managing the Noise, Finding the Music

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word noise as, "A sound, especially one that is loud or unpleasant or that causes disturbance." Noise, in a way, is its own form of music. John Cage capitalized on this idea by creating a piece called 4' 33" in which the pianist opens and closes the piano lid to signify the change from movement to movement. Not a single key is struck. It is up to the audience to listen and find the sounds throughout the duration. You could hear a floor creak, a stifled cough, or the wind whipping through the trees outside. To Cage, those sounds and potential noises are, in fact, music. I would argue that although noise is considered a part of the musical world, it is




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