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Piano Party Photo Gallery!

On Saturday, May 19, Ben and I hosted a piano party at our home. Given the size of my rapidly growing studio, we did the party in two different shifts. Both parties included lots of food, piano playing, and of course, music bingo (prizes were Symphony candy bars - pun intended!). Each student who wanted to play played extremely well, and I am so proud of each student's progress since they first began lessons with me. Special thanks to my mom and Ben for all of their help in preparing for the party! Here are some snapshots of the event. Enjoy!

Piano Recitals: A New Take On An Old Event

As a child, when my piano teacher informed me that a studio recital was scheduled, my heart began to pound and my stomach filled with butterflies. Most of my recitals growing up were held in either a large concert hall or a cavernous church, playing on an unfamiliar piano. On top of that, I didn't really know the other students or their parents, so I was playing in front of strangers. It was nothing short of awkward. Fast forward 20 years, and here I am hosting my second piano open house / recital in the following week. I was very hesitant at first to even offer a studio recital, but after some study and reflection, I feel that I've been able to find a healthy balance in maintaining the trad

On Piano Shopping...

I spent a good portion of last week in between Denver and Colorado Springs. There were actually two reasons why I wanted to take another trip back to Colorado. First, my 3 closest friends and roommates from college are all living in the area, and I make a yearly trip to see them all. Second, I am in the beginning stages of purchasing the forever piano for our home and there is a Steinway gallery in Denver I wanted to visit. In short, it was a win-win-win-win experience! But before I entered Schmitt Music gallery in Englewood, Colorado, I had to come in with some facts learned and questions ready before even touching one of the MANY beautiful Steinway pianos that they had. So for those that a




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