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On Routines, Schedules, and Methods

I've just recently read a short biography of Susanna Wesley, known most famously as the "mother of methodism." Her sons, John and Charles, were the founders of the Methodist movement, now known as the United Methodist Church. Charles also wrote hundreds of hymns, many of which we still sing today. These men brought a profound impact on the world at-large, and they couldn't have done that without their mother's influence of discipline. In reading about Mrs. Wesley, she was a woman of exacting methods when it came to child-rearing. She educated all of her children at home, ran a busy household, and helped run her husband's church. Not only that, she went out of her way to secure one hour a wee

Music In The Darkest Of Hours

There has been a significant amount of politically-charged news surrounding Americans this week. In the midst of reading through many, many articles, the story of the deportation of the 95 year old Nazi struck me hard. I'm not sure why. Maybe it is because it had taken the federal government decades to realize he had falsified his visa application, and then it took the same federal government decades after that to finally implement deportation. Maybe it is because this man still claimed he had not collaborated with the Nazis in their heinous extermination of human beings, although he worked for the murderous SS. Maybe it is because our country is slowly but surely forgetting the sacrifices o

On Vocations - The Call To Serve

The word vocation comes directly from the Latin word vocatio, which literally means, "a call." In the American workforce, a lot of people would not view their jobs or careers as a calling or vocation. Most instead believe that they are simply working for that paycheck to pay for the house and save up for retirement where they don't have to work anymore. And, that, I truly believe, is one of the awful lies our American culture has taught many a generation. What a lot of Americans have not been taught is that each human being is given multiple vocations throughout their lifetime. And vocations can change throughout one's lifespan. Our most sacred calling is being a created individual, and from

A Gift From Grandpa

July 31st would have been my grandfather's 86th birthday. It's been roughly seven months without him, and though we know that his faith carried him over to the other side safely, we still grieve and miss him dearly. There are a few things that have stood out to me this past week as I have been pondering his life and remembering our celebration of his 85th birthday last year. My grandpa was intentional with his faith, his family, his love for music, travel, and all good things, and his finances. I know that it is odd that I would mention finances, but he was a forward thinker. So forward, in fact, that upon his passing a small gift was given to each of his grandchildren to be used in any capa




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