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Managing the Noise, Finding the Music

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word noise as, "A sound, especially one that is loud or unpleasant or that causes disturbance."

Noise, in a way, is its own form of music. John Cage capitalized on this idea by creating a piece called 4' 33" in which the pianist opens and closes the piano lid to signify the change from movement to movement. Not a single key is struck. It is up to the audience to listen and find the sounds throughout the duration. You could hear a floor creak, a stifled cough, or the wind whipping through the trees outside. To Cage, those sounds and potential noises are, in fact, music.

I would argue that although noise is considered a part of the musical world, it is not the true sound that the human soul desires or longs to hear. As an example, I personally enjoy listening to the Old Music of the ocean waves hitting against the beach, but bristle at the noise of people yelling while playing sand volleyball on the beach.

So there comes a point when we have to diligently work hard to cut out some of the noise that surrounds us in everyday life and seek music that cultivates and nourishes our souls.

Millennials like myself are turning to classical music as a means of separating the noises from the good music. According to The Guardian, "research has shown clear indications of new listening trends, with almost half (45%) of y