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From Students and Parents

Testimonials: My Lessons

"Cate Bryan has been great for our daughter. She has helped build her confidence. It has been fun watching her grow and learn how to practice, learn, and be disciplined. We feel these traits helped get our daughter ready for kindergarten and has been helpful in growing her self-confidence."

- Tyler D.

"Cate is a careful, creative, and encouraging piano instructor. My child enjoys classes with her. She gives consistent corrections and lots of positive encouragement. I recommend her virtual piano lessons."

 - Nicole C.


"Having Cate as a teacher for our children have been a blessing. Our two children have really enjoyed their time learning piano with Cate! Her kind and patient approach have helped them truly develop a love for learning music. Thank you Cate for all your hard work and dedication, we are so lucky to have you as our piano teacher."

- Fiona R.

"Cate’s positive and encouraging nature is contagious!  My son was nervous to take lessons, but he has absolutely flourished with Cate and loves playing the piano. He is developing a love of music that will last a lifetime."

 - Heather C.


We can’t say enough good things about Cate…as a person and as a piano teacher.  My son absolutely adores her and looks forward to attending his lessons each week (which says a lot for a middle school aged boy).  She makes her piano lessons fun and engaging for her students and I know my son is learning from one of the best.  Her positive energy and enthusiasm are contagious and her talent and love for the piano are incredible. We are so blessed to have Cate as our piano teacher.

 - Chris A.

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