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The Last Pandemic Piano Party!

In May, the studio hosted its 7th piano party, and it was rather bittersweet. As we are still on the cusp of ending this pandemic, and for the safety of everyone, I still planned the party in an online format, although we all really wanted to be together!

We made the event a little more unique this time, and instead of performing live, the students recorded their performances and the party became more of a watch party! Goodie bags were filled with popcorn, drinks, and music bingo prizes (the ever-coveted Symphony Candy bars)!

The most encouraging news is knowing that our next party in December will be in-person! I already have a facility reserved for the event, and hopefully it will feel as normal and as cozy and as fun as our pre-pandemic parties!

Last, but certainly not least, the studio is continuing its tradition of participating in a charity event. In 2020, we completed a practice-a-thon, where students practiced for pledges and we raised over $600 for the Food Bank of Iowa! This year, when the students stopped by to pick up their goodie bags, I encouraged them to drop off a canned good item for the Waukee Area Christian Services Food Pantry.

My students did not disappoint - they provided 116 pounds worth of food items for donation!

Enjoy the highlights of the party and donations!

Trading goodie bags for donations! A quick studio transformation!


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