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The One Year Mark

The studio is celebrating the one year mark, as of this past March! Granted, I've been teaching lessons part-time since college, and teaching off and on over the past five years since my husband and I moved to Waukee, but I can officially say that this is my first year of full-time teaching. I was not planning on full-time teaching, well, to be honest, ever. The goal was to teach lessons in college in order to pay my own way through school. Post-graduation, I would get the "dream job" to pay off my college debt and start saving for a house. Little did I know that the "dream job" was to be working from home and teaching music lessons to the next generation. The past decade was spent working b

Sacred Music in the Holiest of Weeks

“The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.” - Bach Most of my blog posts have centered around classical music, and how classical music makes students better musicians, and overall, better people in the long run. However, I haven't spoken much about the role of sacred music, especially as we are encountering the holiest of weeks for the Christian church: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and then blessed Easter Sunday. When I think about sacred music, I instantly turn my mind over to Johann Sebastian Bach, not only the writer of brilliant secular preludes and fugues, but also author to much sacred writings. As a c

Fondest Of Farewells

Tomorrow, my parents are handing the keys of our childhood home over to a new owner. After 20 years of calling "2210" both my home and my home away from home after I got married, we decided it was only right and good to give this house the fondest of farewells possible. So a couple of weeks ago we were able to coordinate all the siblings to come for the weekend (minus one sister who is out of the country) to enjoy a pizza party, a toast, and one final walk through of the house with our mom. (All of us on the balcony) Many memories were shared, including numerous sibling pranks and plots and hilarity, but to me I remember a goodly portion of my time in 2210 spent at the piano. First I practic

The Aeneid Series Photo Gallery

Since last week's focus was placing The Aeneid Series' video recordings on YouTube, I wanted this week's focus to be the great still shots that were taken over the weekend. Enjoy! Introduced as The Aeneid Avengers, here is the triumvirate: Here are a couple of still shots of the performance in the Sun Ballroom, courtesy of Prof. Irby: Happy Post-Performance Shots: We decided to take a few pics afterwards at the St. Olaf Chapel: And of course, our reenactment of our college photo: Dido Divas, 2005 Dido Divas, 2019 NOTHING HAS CHANGED!




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