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Little Known Facts

In writing a blog post for this week, my husband suggested that I write a "better know a teacher" post, in which I share a few items about myself that no piano family would ever know about me at this point in time.

His thought behind this process is to help my piano families get to know me in a better way, outside of being an out-going, precise teacher.

Of course, given the fact that I am both a chatterbox and oversharer, this is now proving to be a more difficult exercise than I think either of us thought!

So here goes.

Five little known facts about Miss Cate:

1. I watch NASCAR and love it. I cheered on Dale Jr. from 2001 to his retirement in 2017. Now I cheer on Ryan Blaney in the #12 car. When I was a little girl, I watched Ryan's father, Dave Blaney, race in the dirt tracks of South Dakota with my grandfather. Happy memories there.

2. I don't like cake. But I love cheesecake.

3. My top life priorities are in this order: Faith, Sleep, Family. Yes, you read that correctly. My sleep is a sacred event - fan, earplugs, eye mask. I tune out the world. And it's amazing.

4. My most favorite holiday is Easter. Then Christmas. Then Thanksgiving. Then Valentine's Day.

5. If pianos never existed on this earth, which would take away my opportunity to be a piano teacher, my next choice in work would be to become a meteorologist. I love watching the weather change, knowing when the winds will pick up or calm down, and seeing spring storms race across the plains. Added bonus: clothing allowance. Double added bonus: if the forecast is wrong I still have job security.

And I'll also open up the lines of communication on this one. If anyone has a specific question they would like to ask, please comment and feel free to ask me anything!

Happy Friday!

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