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Keys To A Successful Summer

For most of my students, the end of this week signifies the end of the school year and the beginning of summer break! A time to refresh, relax, and reload energies to take on another school year come late August. So naturally, a lot of my students are not thrilled that they have been signed up for lessons throughout the summer, in between vacations and day camps. The question becomes, how do we make piano lessons and practice over the summer fun and not a drudgery? And of course, how do we press on with lessons on an irregular basis without moving backwards? I think there is a significant key character factor here in which we as adults, whether parents or teachers, can work to develop in our

The Spring Piano Parties

My mom and I had a wonderful time hosting two piano parties this past Saturday. I had to take a moment on Saturday after the events and let these facts sink into my head: 1. This was the 4th piano party day the studio has prepared. 2. This was the 2nd piano party at our West Music Piano Gallery venue, because my house became too small to host these events. 3. I may need to create three piano parties instead of two, because both parties were full houses of 50-60 family members supporting their students! 4. I could not be where I am at today without the support of these fine families and their children. 5. Each student has grown so much in the time that they've taken lessons. We adults were en

'Twas The Day Before The Piano Party...

'Twas the day before the piano party And all through the houses Every student was scurrying As quickly as mouses Up to their pianos they ran With such a care In hopes that their practicing would be just perfect there In front of the Steinway In front of all Moms and Dads In front of all siblings and teacher They would play and be glad For their hard work paid off And they played well their song Even though it felt like Their piece was so, so long! This they now dream of as they lay in their beds With visions of Symphony candy bars dancing in their heads And once they arise And once their dreams of a great performance come true They will grab their music bingo cards For a cha

The Best Graduation Gift of All

This weekend, two of my siblings are graduating from their respective schools. From the picture above of my college senior recital, taken in 2005, I'm talking about the boy in the middle and the girl on the far right. My brother will have completed his Associate's Degree at Iowa Lakes Community College in music. This fall, he is transferring to a 4-year college and he will work to complete his Bachelor's Degree in music, most likely trumpet performance. My sister will have completed her Bachelor's Degree in Business and Marketing from Briar Cliff University. From there, she is moving to Arizona to find employment and new life outside of her hometown. I would say that out of the 5 of us Larse




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