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The Modern Pioneer

Definition of pioneer 1: a member of a military unit usually of construction engineers 2a : a person or group that originates or helps open up a new line of thought or activity or a new method or technical development b : one of the first to settle in a territory 3: a plant or animal capable of establishing itself in a bare, barren, or open area and initiating an ecological cycle This photo above is a picture taken from my hometown of Sioux City, Iowa. What you see is the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center on the banks of the Missouri River. Sioux City was a pivotal stop in Lewis and Clark's trek to map out our nation's newest land acquisition, as one of their men, Sgt. Charles Floyd, died

Professions, Politics, and Piano

After graduating with a double major in piano performance and Latin at Hillsdale College while teaching piano lessons in between classes, many wondered how a liberal arts degree such as I received would get me fully employed in the workforce during a significant economic downturn. I had paid my way through college and needed to start paying off my student loans, and quickly. Thankfully, within a few short months after graduation, I was able to find employment in Chicago working as a Development Director at Northwestern Mutual. My main role in that particular job was to help coach new financial representatives in their first year of running their own small businesses. From there I was a part




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