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The Two Year Mark, Part 2

Last week, I spent my entire blog reflecting on the need to chase and share beauty with others during this current pandemic, including the celebration of the full-time piano studio turning two years old. A good, true, and beautiful thing, indeed! Now, I'm making part two of this series a comparison of what goals I had listed at the one year mark, just to see what has and hasn't been accomplished. And then I'll write down my goals for the coming year. In short, this blog post is the nuts and bolts review of what's been happening in the studio. For myself, I know that if I don't write my goals out, they are more than likely not going to happen, so here we go! Last year's goals for 2019 into 20

The Two Year Mark, Part 1

The two-year mark at the studio comes at quite the unprecedented time in our world's history. Although there is so much reason to celebrate the little victories in my life and business, these moments, which are usually bright and colorful, have dark shades of tan and gray to tone them down, as COVID-19 has ravaged the world and changed everyone's way of living. The past month I've pondered a lot about how best to handle, well, everything regarding this pandemic. And the common theme that kept repeating my brain is to seek all that is good, true, and beautiful, and share that with others on a daily basis. In short, send out colors of red, purple, blue, and green amidst the grays, blacks, and




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