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Pajama Piano Parties in a Pandemic!

As this year comes to the end for which we've all been waiting, I still wanted to make sure my students were able to celebrate our bi-yearly tradition of participating in a piano party. Just like in May, we had to have our parties via Zoom, but despite the virtual change, we were still able to take selfies, celebrate the progression of each student and their performance, and of course, play music bingo with Symphony candy bars for all winners (thanks to the Music Fairy)!

The first photos are the print screens I took of our party attendees, the only "selfies" I was able to take to give everyone a sense of the community involved in cheering our students on to success!

The next photos are of the students in their warm and cozy home environments. Notice that all of us are wearing jammies. We decided that since the 2020 was mostly spent in our jammies anyway, why not enjoy the piano parties in our very own Christmas jammies!

Enjoy the photos! Hopefully, by next piano party time in May 2021, we can all be in-person and together again!


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