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The Spring Piano Parties

My mom and I had a wonderful time hosting two piano parties this past Saturday.

I had to take a moment on Saturday after the events and let these facts sink into my head:

1. This was the 4th piano party day the studio has prepared.

2. This was the 2nd piano party at our West Music Piano Gallery venue, because my house became too small to host these events.

3. I may need to create three piano parties instead of two, because both parties were full houses of 50-60 family members supporting their students!

4. I could not be where I am at today without the support of these fine families and their children.

5. Each student has grown so much in the time that they've taken lessons. We adults were enjoying their song performance rather than just cheering them on for getting the notes played correctly. Musicality, rhythm, and dynamics are now a part of the whole performance picture.

6. I need to buy more Symphony candy bars.

7. And my studio is just getting started!

So without further adieu, enjoy the photos of both parties!

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