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Fondest Of Farewells

Tomorrow, my parents are handing the keys of our childhood home over to a new owner.

After 20 years of calling "2210" both my home and my home away from home after I got married, we decided it was only right and good to give this house the fondest of farewells possible.

So a couple of weeks ago we were able to coordinate all the siblings to come for the weekend (minus one sister who is out of the country) to enjoy a pizza party, a toast, and one final walk through of the house with our mom.

(All of us on the balcony)

Many memories were shared, including numerous sibling pranks and plots and hilarity, but to me I remember a goodly portion of my time in 2210 spent at the piano. First I practiced on the old Kimball upright piano that came from my grandparents on my mother's side. Then in high school and during college breaks I practiced on the Packard baby grand that came from my great-grandparents on my father's side. That Packard got me ready to perform my very best at my college senior recital, and 2210 gave me the great space and acoustics to enjoy the sound.

So as we say goodbye to our beloved 2210, we hope that the love, laughter, and music we placed into this house carries on to the next family!

Cheers to 2210!

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