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On Vocations - The Call To Serve

The word vocation comes directly from the Latin word vocatio, which literally means, "a call."

In the American workforce, a lot of people would not view their jobs or careers as a calling or vocation. Most instead believe that they are simply working for that paycheck to pay for the house and save up for retirement where they don't have to work anymore. And, that, I truly believe, is one of the awful lies our American culture has taught many a generation.

What a lot of Americans have not been taught is that each human being is given multiple vocations throughout their lifetime. And vocations can change throughout one's lifespan. Our most sacred calling is being a created individual, and from that foundation, our Creator gives us the rest of our earthly vocations.

For me, my current vocations include being a wife, a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, an aunt, a teacher, a pianist, a church member, a friend, and of course, a caretaker of a certain beefy beagle named Blair.

Each vocation requires certain sacred responsibilities, but all are rewarding in their own special way. The ultimate goal of each vocation is to serve and love your neighbor as the good Lord intended, and I must say, the vocation of a pianist gives me many unique opportunities to share my gift with others, teaching and beyond.

I've played piano for many of my dear friends' weddings. I've played piano at the many churches I've attended over the years. I've played piano at nursing homes and retirement centers. And I played piano at my grandfather's funeral last December.

Each one of these sacred events had a simple goal: to practice and play to the best of my ability while ensuring that the music was remembered, not the person playing the music. In serving your neighbor, it is not the person that needs to be recognized, it is the gift that person can provide.

The reward is knowing your vocational gifts are being used at the right place, at the right time, for the right people.

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