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Coming Out of the Fog

WARNING: Long, long blog post!

I know it's been quite a while since we've last updated you on our adoption happenings, and I'm sorry that I have not been more communicative in the past few months. I will say that with the pandemic still in full force, the time has been spent preparing many, many documents for both the home study and dossier and applying for adoption grants.

But here we are! And here's a recap of where we've been and where we're going:

January 2020 - We began the home study process. Though this should have been done over Fall 2019, and even though we began preparing paperwork as early as August 2019, there are too many storylines to share that led us to this point. Suffice it to say, we began our home study with Hillcrest Family Services in Cedar Rapids in conjunction with the home study moving over to Bethany Global Services upon completion.

February 2020 - Many trips back and forth to Cedar Rapids for home study appointments. During this time, we found a child that we were interested in for a match, so we requested that referral to Bethany during February and March.

March 2020 - Our home study specialist came to inspect our home, right before coronavirus hit our state. 

April 2020 - Home study approved and sent to Bethany Global Services. They, in turn, gave us all the paperwork list that we needed to complete for the dossier that will go to the country in which we are adopting. In short, the dossier was a total of 30 documents, many that had to be notarized and state authenticated not only in Iowa but in Washington (Ben's home state) and in Maryland (where Ben's company is at), all during COVID. It took us many weeks to gather all the needed documents before sending back to Bethany.