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COVID, Chaos, and Cosmos

It has been a ridiculously long 12 weeks of quarantine, and to top it off, the ruthless handling of George Floyd's arrest and subsequent death in Minneapolis has catapulted the nation into utter turbulent times. The looting and utter anarchy we've seen across the country has made this heart very, very weary. Oh, and I did I mention a huge asteroid is going to pass by Earth this weekend?

War. Death. Plague. Asteroid. All in 2020. What is going on??

Right now, the entire world and circumstances seem utterly out of our control. And in pondering and praying over these circumstances, these current moments, I would argue, these day may be a positive turning point for our nation and the world.

Chaotic moments like these make you strive to find the Cosmos, or order in life and the universe. For me, I find peace and order in two very special places: my faith, and my music.

Church Service in the park!

My faith is my foundation, where I can go to the Creator of the universe and pray in His Son's name to help me trust and follow the narrow path when it covered with the fog of coronavirus, riots, etc. It also helps me see clearly the past and current sins of our nation, in that slavery should have been abolished at the onset of this country's birth and that now is the time to seek equal ground for every American (as Christ died for all mankind), and that we should also bring justice to those who kill and those who loot. My faith also urges me to pray for all leaders, regardless of political party, that they will seek truth and justice for all.

My music has been such a balm to the soul, and I have been craving a lot of Baroque-style music to play and teach lately. I think it's because the Baroque Era (1600-1750) was focused on providing orderly, timely, and natural cadences to each work composed. So that is why I played a Bach prelude for church last night - to show that order in the universe is around - we just need to cling to it during the chaos.

I know that this is a rather heavy blog post, but I hope that these reflections provide a sense of peace and structure to your life, and that you see a little bit of light during these dark days!

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