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My Story, Part 2

A year ago, I shared with you all some not-so-pretty moments and history of my life in the workplace. You can read more about my experiences from 2013 here:

Long story short, I wanted my pain, anger, and frustration of having worked in a toxic, harassing environment addressed, but addressed in a way that was life-giving. In working alongside Governor Reynolds, she began the yearly tradition of signing the Change of Culture proclamation and the first one was signed in October 2018.

The proclamation reads as follows:

WHEREAS, throughout history, sexual harassment has been a stain on our culture. It is a destructive force in the workplace and in all facets of life; and

WHEREAS, women have found the courage to speak out during this unprecedented moment in time; and

WHEREAS, sexual harassment is not a partisan issue. It cannot be fixed by legislation or rule-making alone; and

WHEREAS, the solution starts with every individual. It is about showing common respect to others. It also is about character and decency; and

WHEREAS, we cannot change behavior everywhere. But, in Iowa, we have an obligation to lead and serve as a role model for other states to follow; and

WHEREAS, what we do in Iowa matters. We must ensure justice and fairness prevails; and

WHEREAS, we must change the culture once and for all:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Kim Reynolds, Governor of the State of Iowa, do hereby proclaim the month of October 201_ as


in the State of Iowa.

As we entered into year two of the proclamation signing, I noted a couple of things made this event extra special this year:

1. In attending Governor Reynolds' two proclamation signings, she has set the yearly precedent of encouraging Iowans to take responsibility for their actions in the workplace and to set the tone of good culture throughout our state. I am truly grateful to Governor Reynolds for taking a strong stand with this proclamation and continuing her zero-tolerance policy for harassment in the workplace. She is making Iowa a better and safer place each and every day!

2. I had the privilege of attending the signing with some of my piano parents and students. Not only that, friends from previous workplaces came to join me and support our governor. To be able to see my many seasons of work friendships and current relationships with my piano studio combine to support and decry harassment in the workplace truly meant the world to me.

Now that this special event is over, it's back to work. Working to live out a life-giving culture in my studio, working to encourage others to live courageously in their workplaces, and working on plans for next year's proclamation!

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