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Boss Lady

For some reason, the theme overriding this entire week has been all about being a boss. Not only a boss, but a boss lady.

Monday night was the high school's first concert of the year.

In order to energize myself after a long day and prepare for a 4 hour evening event involving warm-ups, rehearsing, and performing, I decided to write these words on my concert sheet:

From there, I realized that this past Wednesday, was, in fact, the truly American holiday known as Boss's Day. Being a small business owner with a 45-student studio, I decided that day that I owed myself as both employer and employee a nice treat from Starbucks and enjoyed a few sips before the studio opened up later in the afternoon.

Although these two moments may seem a bit trivial in a given week, I began to take stock of how wonderful life has been living in this world of small business ownership!

Running this piano studio has allowed my schedule to open up and provide flexibility for our future adopted child. The studio has also given me the opportunity to continue my composition studies and professional growth with the certification process. I've also been able to join groups with encouraging individuals who share similar interests with me: either a love of music, business ownership, or politics.

This reflection also made me most grateful for the families who have entrusted me to teach their children the world of music. Without their support, I would not have this wonderful studio to keep me busy!

Yes, there are long days. And there are late nights preparing emails, filing taxes, or running business spreadsheets. But in the long run, it is all worth the effort.

I remember 3 years ago being frightfully afraid that leaping into the world of full-time teaching would send me falling flat on my face. But now, I can say with full confidence that it is AWESOME to be a boss lady!

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