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The Dreaming Tree

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” ― Walt Disney

I recently joined a classic movies club (Turner Classic Movies Backlot) to further my goal of watching every Cary Grant movie that exists. Yes, weird, but a fun goal, nonetheless.

One of the perks of joining this group includes not only seeing classic films at our local movie theater, but also going on outings with our Des Moines Chapter. My first outing with this group was, in fact, a trip to Marceline, Missouri, the infamous hometown of Walt Disney.

Image from Louis Jordan

Although Disney did not spend his entire growing up years in Marceline (time was also split between Kansas City and Chicago), he is quoted as saying, "To tell the truth, more thing of importance happened to me in Marceline than have happened since – or are likely to in the future."

For all of you Disney fanatics, this is a gem of a place. For a fraction of the cost of going to Disneyland, you get the same Disneyland charm as you would in California. I'm not saying to skip the trip to Cali, but I found myself having the same happy feelings and caught myself smiling for no particular reason, just like I did while walking through Disneyland years ago.

In short, Walt Disney's charm still exists in Marceline. But the question became, from where did this charm and dreams of delight come? In three short words, The Dreaming Tree.

Growing up, Walt and his sister Ruth would play under a large cottonwood tree. Disney would spend hours underneath this tree, both as a child and as an adult to think, dream, and plan.

I found this Dreaming Tree to be absolutely lovely. It was a great reminder that whether you are 4 or 84, dreams should and still exist in one's life for chasing.

So this led me to work on my dream list, as I continue to pursue professional, personal, and political goals in my life. And with a new school year coming up for myself and my students, it's become perfect timing to set intentions and let these dreams take off.

One dream that I'm able to share with you right now is that I am looking to pursue more original composition work, and will be working on creating three piano solo works on our great state of Iowa. So a finer things week will be coming my way in order to start that project.

How about you? Have you been actively pursuing your dreams? Or do you need a reboot, like I did at the Dreaming Tree to reassess your priorities?

Don't stop dreaming!

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