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The Old Music

Summertime = vacation season!

When my husband and I plan our travel, we do our best to plan for a vacation and not a trip. To us, a trip involves spending lots of time coordinating tourist packages at our destination and less time resting and enjoying the destination for what it's worth. On our cruises, we see countless exhausted people rushing to their next shore excursion and we've decided that's not our style!

For our vacations, I would say one of our biggest must-dos though, is to get to the water. To me, the ocean waves, the pummeling sea - what I like to call The Old Music - is a place for me to completely unwind and reconnect with God, nature, and life in general.

So I thought for this week's blog, I'd post photos of our vacation travel that includes The Old Music. Enjoy!

Prince Edward Island, Gulf of St. Lawrence

Prince Edward Island, Gulf of St. Lawrence

Cruise on the Mediterranean Sea

Cruise on the Mediterranean Sea

Assateague Island, Atlantic

California, Pacific

Florida, Gulf Coast

Myrtle Beach, Atlantic

Cruise in Alaska, Pacific

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