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Snow Day

In the past two weeks, it is safe to say that Iowa has encounter three significant snowstorms, with a fourth currently on the way. Last night, wind chills were approaching thirty below zero. So you know what that means?


This week alone, I've had two days' worth of rescheduling lessons because the roads were not safe for driving. A good portion of these days were spent shoveling and re-shoveling to prevent any significant drifting in our driveway.

But what do you do with the rest of the day? You turn to the piano, of course!

I've been spending extra time at the piano this week, preparing some prelude music for church, beginning a prelude music list for a family wedding in June, and of course, practicing Dido and Aeneas.

It is nice to have some extra time available to devote to practicing, and it is a great reminder for me to schedule in practice times during the week so I do not allow the schedule of teaching to completely dominate my days.

And let's hope my students used the snow days, like me, to practice a bit more than usual. :)

These snowstorms were also a great reminder that Skype is an amazing instrument of technology. Lessons can still continue forward in the comfort of everyone's home, without fear or concern of driving on slick roads.

I currently have a few Skype students, but would like to continue to grow that aspect of my studio, so I will be offering a discount to new Skype students from now until the end of February. You are welcome to contact me at for further information!

As far as today's plans, I'll be grabbing a cup of tea, practicing piano, and praying that the storm doesn't arrive until after my last lesson this evening!

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