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Shattering Glass Ceilings

Election Day 2018 brought a lot of changes, surprises, and an overall rollercoaster effect on Iowans. There were a few races that my party of choice expected to lose and won, and then of course, the sad stories of candidates expecting to win and losing.

However, one of the greatest changes that happened in this state is the increase of female candidates and winners all across the state, both Republicans and Democrats. The glass ceiling has been shattered, once and for all!

Governor Kim Reynolds is now the first elected female governor that Iowa has ever had. There are now 45 women elected to serve in the Iowa Legislature for the upcoming 2019 session. There are two female U.S. Representatives and one female U.S. Senator representing our state on the federal level.

Regardless of political party lines, the fact that more and more women are winning elections means that the political culture is changing, and I would say for the better. With more women working inside the U.S. and State Capitols, I believe more accountability will be held against those who think they can use their power for ill will against female legislators and staffers.

Once these newly elected individuals take their oath of office next year, be sure to take the time to meet your new representatives and share any concerns that you may have. Building relationships and finding common ground and bi-partisan approaches is key to successful policy. I plan on doing that with our new U.S. Representative Cindy Axne, spending time with her discussing the bi-partisan subject of Changing the Culture in our state, which is an investment in ensuring that the children of Iowa have a safe workplace environment in the future.

I am most especially looking forward to working with Governor Reynolds these next four years, as we continue our conversation about Changing the Culture that we started in 2018. In short, my piano students will have the ability to work in environments that are not toxic. How awesome is that?

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