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Meaning in the Mundane



House Cleaning.



Oil Change / Tire Rotation.

Gift Purchasing.

Blair. Blair. Blair.

Keep The Business Running.

This week has been nothing short of one to-do list segment after another, as we are both working while preparing for an extended trip to Colorado for a family wedding.

On paper, all of these tasks appear to be what can be known as "hard-core adulting," a millennial quip to detail the drudgery that is known as adulthood responsibility.

And trust me, getting Blair to the vet this morning for her nail trim was no small feat. Blair decided to plant herself in front of the vet office, refusing to move and coordinating her body to ensure that there was no chance in the world I could pick her beefy beagle-ness up. Strength sapped. Oh yes.

However, beneath the lists and the tasks, there is meaning to the most mundane of tasks. There is holiness to completing the responsibility that lie before us. What are these to-dos truly about? The short answer: they are about serving your family, your neighbor.

Groceries? Menu-planning and purchasing groceries in advance will allow me to feed my family healthy meals, while ensuring that these meals can be prepared in between my evening teaching schedule.

House cleaning? Deep cleaning bathrooms, kitchen counters, etc., will allow our family to stay healthy, and coming home from a long trip to a clean house will make next week's transition back to reality a smoother process.

Oil change / tire rotation? Getting the car prepared for a long trip will keep my family safe from any significant car issues.

Piano Tuning? Ok, this one is all about me. I want my Steinway to sound perfect after the weather change!

So even though this list appears laborious, in reality, it becomes a friendly reminder that there is joy in serving. And added plus, for this recovering perfectionist, checking off every to-do list item feels pretty good. :)

Happy adulting, everyone!

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