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Oh, the places a piano will go!

The past two Septembers were filled with packing and planning for some very fun and special trips. In 2016, we celebrated our anniversary with a cruise from Athens to Rome. In 2017, we made an extended road trip from Iowa to Prince Edward Island. Both trips were nothing short of amazing, and I think they rank as our top two vacations we've taken during our marriage.

During this week, Ben and I have been talking a lot about those two trips and pulling out pictures, which then brought us back to recalling all of our fun vacations and adventures we've had over the years. Interestingly enough, a lot of these trips included me finding a piano in which to play.

So for this week's blog post, I give you the many pianos we've seen along the road!

2008: Wedding in Madison, Wisconsin

2008: Wedding in Chicago, Illinois

2009: Chapel of Princess Cruises, Alaska

2011: Wedding in Dallas, Texas

2014: Tragedy - piano locked and unavailable to play in Des Moines, Iowa

2015: 1869 Steinway at Governor's Mansion, Terrace Hill, Des Moines, Iowa

2016: Van Cliburn's piano, Des Moines, Iowa

2016: Chapel of Princess Cruises, Somewhere on the Mediterranean

2018: Cite Restaurant, Chicago, Illinois

2018: Redemption from 2014 in Des Moines:

After seeing all of these pictures of pianos across the miles, this clearly means we will need to plan another trip, and soon!

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