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Reflections and Updates

Five years ago was when I decided to start, or at least attempt, a launch at opening a piano studio. I had just left a terrible, horrible job (that story is reserved for another blog post), and part of the healing process included a restoration of music in my life.

For the first three years of this business, I treated the studio more as a side hustle, if you will. I worked either part or full time for other employers and took some evenings to teach a small amount of students.

It was in late 2016, however, when I decided that it was time to mark the beginnings of a transition and make a significant effort into becoming a fully self-sustaining operation. At that point, I was starting only with 3 students. I'm thrilled to say that as of right now, I have 40 students on my weekly schedule.

Thanks mostly to the referrals given out by my first piano parents, I have been able to grow and develop not only my business, but myself as a small business owner. So to my piano parents that continue to refer me, I thank you!!

So as these parents have invested in my business in allowing their children to learn the basics of piano and beyond from me, I am now finding ways to give back to them in the form of professional development. Here are a few updates as to how I am working to become a better instructor now and in the future: