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We Say Good Bye...And Hello

Yesterday was the beginning of our music room transformation. Not only are we bringing the Steinway from Denver into our home in the next couple of weeks, but we are also adding a small upright piano for my younger students. Once they've developed the piano basics, they can then move over to the Steinway for their weekly piano lessons.

So it was the beginning of piano musical chairs: the movers carried the Emerson baby grand piano out of the music room in less than 10 minutes, and moved the upright piano in the room within 5 minutes. So in 15-20 minutes' time, we had a new music room!

That is not enough time to process what this Emerson "rescue piano" meant to us, so I thought today's blog would be a good time to offer a small tribute to this piano and its usefulness to us these past six years.

This piano arrived on our front porch six years ago on the back of an open-air flatbed trailer. There were leaves inside the case of the piano. I did not feel that this was an auspicious start to our owning of it, but I was wrong.

The piano was used not only practically for hundreds and hundreds of piano lessons, but also for fun. Dinner parties, composing, practicing for church, this piano was used a lot during its time with us.

But now, it was time to let it go. The pedals were troublesome, the keys were beginning to chip, and a full recovery of an antique-style piano would have cost an exorbitant amount of time and money.

So we say goodbye and thank you to our first piano, and at the same time say hello to the new upright, the new music room, and the incoming Steinway!

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