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On Scattering and Gathering Stones

Ecclesiastes 3:5

"...a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them..."

My family is entering a new era, if you will. There's been a lot of scattering these past few years as my siblings have graduated high school and moved out of our childhood home. Then, we lost my grandfather this past December. Between my parents living in our childhood home (top photo) and my grandmother living independently on the farm (bottom photo), there are currently 3 people living in roughly 8,000 square feet of houses.

So now we begin the gathering process. My parents are preparing to move into the family farm before the snow flies and help my grandmother out with the snow duties and such. What this has meant is numerous moving trips from house to farm with furniture. In short, a lot of sweat equity.

L to R: Husband Ben, Doggie Blair, Brother Lincoln, Dad, Grandma, Mom