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Piano Party!!

The studio hosted its Second Annual Piano Christmas Party, and it was a smashing success!

Since I started to pursue full-time teaching in Fall 2016, I started with 3 students. Now I have 43. This would not have happened without the unwavering support of these piano families over the past couple of years!

With the fast growth of the studio, it became impossible for me to host the parties at my home. The U-shaped main floor of my house made it impossible for anyone to move from the piano room to the dining room for snacks!

So I found a great place to host the parties. Our local Steinway store, West Music, has a back room recital hall that provides seating for piano parents, but still provides that cozy, intimate feel of a piano salon.

Two parties were hosted to accommodate all the students with their attending family members. Each student who played performed extremely well, and of course, we couldn't have a piano party without ending with some music bingo!

Lastly, I could not have been able to put these events together without the help of my husband and my mom. They were the unsung heroes of the day!

Enjoy these photos from the event!

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